The styluses are an important component of the Fastener Measurement System. The stylus comes in direct contact with the top surface of the fastener. This is a critical measurement for determining the fastener’s head protrusion. There are three basic configurations of the stylus:

Annular – contacts the top surface on an outer ring area of the head

Flat – contacts the highest point of the head surface and covers 80% of the head surface

Point – contacts the head of the fastener in the center on a small point (.03″ diameter)

All the styluses are interchangeable with both the base unit and remote unit. They are dimensionally and geometrically controlled in order to ensure minimum reading errors in the measurement. The following tables show the different stylus sizes for both the annular and flat configurations.



Stylus Part Number E Diamter F Diameter ± .003/-.001
A065 0.160 0.065
A107 0.167 0.107
A156 0.219 0.156
A209 0.271 0.209
A238 0.284 0.238
A272 0.320 0.272
A293 0.320 0.293
A346 0.402 0.346
A364 0.420 0.364
A384 0.445 0.384
A432 0.486 0.432



Stylus Part Number D Diameter ± .005
F125 0.125
F156 0.156
F188 0.188
F250 0.250
F313 0.313
F375 0.375
F438 0.438
F500 0.500
F563 0.563
F688 0.688
F705 0.705
F750 0.750
F812 0.812
F1000 1.000
F1188 1.188
F1375 1.375
F1406 1.406



Stylus Part Number D Diameter ± .005
P030 0.030

Other configurations and sizes can be manufactured to your exact specifications in order to fit and function the same as the standard styluses within the Trulok HHB-1-1 base unit and the HHR-1-1 remote unit. They will be manufactured and certified using the same processes and procedures that applied to the above standard styluses.

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