Trulok Set Blocks are designed specifically to ensure a precise and consistent calibration of Trulok gages. Trulok Set Blocks are available in a wide range of diameters and depths to fit virtually any Trulok gage.


  •    Manufactured to meet or exceed NIST and MIL standards.
  •    Large base configurations available for specific applications.
  •    Custom configuration set blocks made to order such as: offset, angle, etc.
  •    Calibrated to NIST traceable standards.
  •    Measuring accuracy .0001 inch (.0025 mm).
  •    Rigorous inspection process by our quality control department ensures absolute accuracy.
  •    Set blocks are made of heat treated wear resistant tool steels and micro finished on the critical features to ensure accurate and trouble free operation.
  •    Engraved with the model number, angle, diameter or depth and a unique serial number for tracking purposes.
  •    A certificate of calibration accompanies all blocks.
  •    Packaged in a specially designed foam fitting case.

Trulok Set Blocks ensure that all of the internal components of a Trulok gage are accurately calibrated. Trulok Set Blocks are available in a wide range of diameters, depths and special configurations to fit virtually any application.

Set Block Information:

DO-100-460 – Standard 10° – 150° ∅ .060 – 1.750 inch
MDO-90-360 – Master   Countersink
SRMBO-100-660 – Special    
HO-37-24 – Standard 10° – 150° Range defined by related dimensions
MHO-113-5 – Master   Range defined by related dimensions
MPO-2500-3 – Master 1° – 5° ∅ .2500 – .5000 inch ID hole
FO-25 – Flat Block Zero ∅ 1.25 – 3.00 inch OD Block
HD-3125 – Hole Diameter   ∅ .093 – 1.000" ID hole

Countersink Angle + 0/ – 12 minutes (.2 degrees) + 0/ – 12 minutes (.2 degrees)
Countersink Diameter + .0003/ – .0001 inch + .0002/ – .0000 inch
Hole Diameter Through ± .010 inch ± .010 inch
Flushness Blocks Flatness within .0002 inch  
Perpendicularity/ Angularity ± 3 minutes  
HD Block Hole Diameter ± .0001 inch  
MDO-100-260 Master diameter set block with 100° countersink angle and .260" diameter
HO-37-5 Standard set block part number that matches the depth gage part number SR903-37-5. This block is made to set this gage for a specific depth.

NOTE: We offer all the above set blocks in inch and metric dimensions.


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