STANDS The stand is designed to accommodate all the set blocks listed in the set block page including the zero block. The stands can accommodate a fastener with a total length of 4.0 inches maximum. They have a hole through that allows a chain to connect the set block with the remote unit – the […]

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BLOCKS The set blocks represent basic components of the Fastener Head Protrusion Measurement System. They are chamfered edge type blocks that accommodate for a larger range of fastener head gage diameters – in comparison with the sharp edge type, which are specifically built for one gage diameter. The chamfer edge configuration eliminates the extensive edge […]

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A high precision computer controlled digital unit for quick and accurate measurement of fastener Head Protrusion. This Base unit is also referred to as a Master unit and it is primarily intended to be used in a controlled environment (laboratory, final inspection, etc.). This system was designed to measure the head protrusion of a flush […]

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This is a rugged yet high precision digital remote unit for quick and accurate measurement of the fastener Head Protrusion – key dimension. This unit is designed mainly, as its names suggest, to be used independently in remote areas, such as manufacturing shop floor, outside the laboratory conditions. All the remote units are serialized, calibrated […]

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The inserts are specifically designed components used in a given block in order to align as close as possible the fastener’s shank and head to the center of the set block. They ensure that a certain clearance (.0005 to .0015 inch) exists between the fastener shank diameter and the insert inside diameter. The use of […]

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The styluses are an important component of the Fastener Measurement System. The stylus comes in direct contact with the top surface of the fastener. This is a critical measurement for determining the fastener’s head protrusion. There are three basic configurations of the stylus: Annular – contacts the top surface on an outer ring area of […]

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