The stand is designed to accommodate all the set blocks listed in the set block page including the zero block. The stands can accommodate a fastener with a total length of 4.0 inches maximum. They have a hole through that allows a chain to connect the set block with the remote unit – the indicator has entered in the calculated preset value of that specific set block. They can be engraved on the side with the included angle of the set block and they can also be color coded as requested.

Special stands that accommodate fasteners with an overall length of maximum 8.0 inches are also available at the customer’s request. These stands have an 8.0 x 8.0 inch rectangular base that ensures greater stability of the set block and remote unite during the measurements.



We are offering one clear plastic protective cover for increased protection of the digital indicator against oil, solvent, cleaning solution and dust infiltration through its front buttons and display face. This cover is molded around the data port and the central spindle of the indicator and fits tightly to the indicator’s face. In normal shop environment it will last a relatively long time until it becomes cloudy and hard to read trough and/or is torn. When damaged it can be replaced with ease. This cover offers an inexpensive way to extend the life of the indicator in the shop environment with multiple contaminants. Special indicator enclosures are available in order to protect the indicator from shock or accidental drops.

Data transfer cables are custom made to connect the indicator with the customer’s data collecting interface at the desired location. Standard cable length is 6 feet (2 meters).

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